Use the sheet below to calculate the amount of material needed.

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter width and length or total square footage to get a calculation of material needed.

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Square Footage
Texture Profile Allowance %
Chem-Bake Bonding Primer (1 Gal)
Endura-Crylic Gloss (1 Gal)
Endura-crylic Door & Wall Gloss (1 Gal)
Chem-Bake 1-Step Kit / Colorlast Kit
Chem-Bake 1 Step (4.80 Qt/153 oz Kit)
Chem-Bake 8000 Color Base (1 Gal)
Chem-Bake XLT Color Base (1 Gal)
Door Restore 0 VOC 2k (4 Qt Kit)
Door Refinishing System Door Restore 0 VOC Clear 2K-D
Chem-Bake Step 3® Clear Coat
Chem-Clear WB (1 Gal)
CFEXU1000032 2k Activator
Chem-Clear 100 2k Activator
Universal Retarder
Exempt Slow Reducer
Slow Reducer
Exempt Fast Reducer
Fast Reducer
Exempt Medium Reducer
Medium Reducer
Sand & Scrub 1 Gallon Can
Sand & Scrub 5 Gallon Pail
Sand & Scrub Roof Grade Cleaner
ChemBake Product and Application Guide
Wall and Image Coating Calculator
(All Measurements in feet)

Total Minimum Sprayable Gallons/Kits Required - Rounded up to the next gallon/kit