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“Coil Coated Steel” and the Self-Storage Industry

As the Self-Storage industry has dramatically grown in recent years so too has the use of an extremely versatile building material known as “coil coated steel”, virtually revolutionizing how self-storage buildings are constructed. Initially used for roll-up doors; “coil coated steel” can now comprise over 90% of a building’s structure. Not just the doors, but roofs, exterior building walls, gutters, downspouts, and interior partition walls are now largely fabricated from this “pre-painted sheet metal”, a.k.a. “coil coated steel"

What is “coil coated steel”?

Coil coating is a continuous, automated process for “painting” metal before fabrication into end products. A specialized coating is applied to sheet metal and flash-cured (“baked”) with heat and then rolled back into large spools at the factory and sold to sheet metal fabricators who roll or form it into building components.

Available in a wide variety of colors and sheens, coil coated steel is commonly used for making mini-storage doors, metal building walls, metal roofs, gutters, downspouts, and other pre-finished sheet metal building components.

There are several types of coatings used in the process but the most common in the Self-Storage industry is “silicone modified polyester”, commonly referred to as “SMP”.

SMP is a very hard and smooth finish and available in almost any color. It is also very durable, with a life expectancy of 10 - 20 years depending on location and color.

“SMP coil coated steel” does have one drawback. Because it is so hard and smooth it presents special challenges when repainting. Some have likened it to painting glass. Most typical house paints sold at a local hardware or paint store were not designed for this type of application and soon peel or quickly fade.

A Solution for Self Storage

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In its continuing quest to provide the Self-Storage industry with top quality construction and maintenance supplies, All From 1 Supply partnered with Axalta International, one of the largest industrial maintenance and automotive coatings manufacturers in the world. Together we designed a full line of specialty coatings integrated into specific application systems to recoat, repaint and refinish “SMP coil coated steel”.

If you've never heard of Axalta that is likely because they don’t make house paint for the consumer. They only make industrial grade coatings oriented to the professional. Axalta is over 150 years old and were known for most of that time as the Dupont Paint and Chemical Company. Then many called them Dupont/Axalta. Now they are just known as “Axalta Coatings Systems”, and manufacture industrial and automotive brands like Imron®, Cromax®, Nason®, and Colar®.

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Our Commitment to You

All From 1 Supply has the right coating system for your roll door, for your metal roof, and for your metal walls that can give you nearly the same performance and life expectancy as the original factory finish, in almost any color. Options include systems for the “do it yourselfer” as well as for the professional with varying degrees of service life.

As part of this service we offer tools, training material, informational resources, supporting documentation, certification, and exceptional customer service.

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