Use the sheet below to calculate the amount of material needed.

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter width and length or total square footage to get a calculation of material needed.

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Square Footage
Rib Height
Rib Distance on Center
Corrugation Allowance %
Bonding Primer (1 Gal)
Door & Wall Armor (1 Gal)
Endura-Guard WB Gloss (1 Gal)
Endura-Guard WB Satin (1 Gal)
Chem-Bake 1 Step (4.80 Qt/153 oz Kit)
Chem-Bake 8000 Color Base (1 Gal)
Chem-Bake XLT Color Base (1 Gal)
Chem-Clear 250 2k (5 Qt Kit)
Chem-Clear 100 2k (5 Qt Kit)
Chem-Clear 50 2k (4 Qt Kit)
Chem-Clear WB (1 Gal)
9T00-A Activator
Chem-Clear 250 2k Activator
Chem-Clear 100 2k Activator
Universal Retarder
Fast Reducer
Medium Reducer
Slow Reducer
Fast Reducer VOC Exempt
Medium Reducer VOC Exempt
Slow Reducer VOC Exempt
Roof Coating Calculator
(All Measurements in feet)

Total Minimum Sprayable Gallons/Kits Required - Rounded up to the next gallon/kit